New Features - Targeting Rules and Email Lead Referrals

Super excited to tell you about the new features we've been working on over the last few months, which are now available to you.

Increase the Effectiveness of your Campaigns through Customer Targeting



Customer targeting is incredibly useful in getting the most out of Gather. These are some of the things you can accomplish with targeting rules:

  • Restrict coupon codes only for products that are slow shifting
  • Making sure that discount codes do not eat into your margins by restricting coupon popups for only when a customer  has added more than, for example, 2 items in their cart.
  • Only offer discount codes to customers who come from your Adwords campaign.
  • Only acquire customer emails when they're on your blog.

As you can see, these are smart and powerful ways to build your list as well as increase sales and profitability.

Acquire New Lead through your Existing Customers through Lead Email Referrals



This is a new product addition in your Gather toolkit. Not only you can use Gather's email overlays to capture emails, grow your list and increase sales; but you now can use Gather to acquire new leads who probably had never visited you site before.

With email lead referrals, you can easily incentivise existing customers to refer their friends to join your list or newsletter. They can refer friends through email and social media. Referrals is an effective alternative to advertising. Companies like Uber and Dropbox encountered huge growth through referrals.

Click here for a list referral features that come with Gather.

Screenshot 2017-07-22 20.20.53.png

Help Gather, with Gather Branding

Subtle Gather branding is now included in all Free accounts. This helps Gather maintain the ability to sustain and support Free accounts.

Paid accounts have the choice to include or switch off Gather branding. This can done in the account area, where Gather branding is switched off by default.

Minor Improvements

We have consistently been improving Gather, fixing bugs and refining the product. In the last few months, notable improvements have included:

  • Tightening the security on spammers, and blocking certain IP addresses that are known to cause problems.
  • Improving the speed and responsiveness of the account area.
  • Improving the way popup widgets appear on older browsers and mobile
  • Fixing minor bugs

Enjoy using Gather and let me know if there is anything I can help with, by emailing or using the customer service chat in your account area.

All the best,

Iz - Founder Gather