How to Integrate Gather’s Shopify App with Robly Email Marketing App


As you know…

Gather has amazing, Shopify specific, features which reduce cart abandonment, allows you to run highly targeted messaging campaigns on your Shopify store and helps you build a vibrant email list.

Robly is a very powerful email marketing software which uses A.I. to personalise the email marketing experience. Robly has also developed unique technology to boost email open rates.

Shopify customers can use Robly in conjunction with Gather. Here’s how you can sync email leads acquired through your Gather app with Robly.

1. Setup a Robly-Shopify integration. Robly already has in depth instructions on how you can integrate Robly with Shopify.

2. Now that Shopify is integrated with Robly, this means email signups that are added to your Shopify admin account will sync with Robly.

3. Gather easily integrates with Shopify, with a click of a button. When Gather’s forms collect a new email lead for you, it will send them to Shopify as a customer contact (that accepts marketing).

To enable the Shopify syncing feature on Gather, simply:

head to your Gather account -> head to the Configure tab -> Check Sync gathered emails checkbox -> Activate this premium feature if needed -> and Save.

sync gather emails to shopify before syncing to robly

When you save, check the “Sync gathered emails to Shopify account?” checkbox and save.

sync gather emails to shopify

That’s it!

Now when you acquire a new lead through Gather’s popups, it will sync their details (including their email address) to Shopify.

Shopify will then sync those leads, via Zapier, to Robly.

This will work in the background, fully automated!