How to Create a Gorgeous Looking Popup with Gather and Canva


Here I am going to show you how to build a gorgeous looking email popup with Gather and Canva. This is particularly effective if your ecommerce brand is highly visual and you want to wow your customers.

You can easily customise the look and feel of your email popup on in Gather’s Editor. But what about if you wanted to go beyond that.

What about if you wanted create a popup that looks like a banner with art work or a great looking design. Well we make that easy for you too. Follow on.

Many brands have designed their own popup designs externally and used them with Gather. Here’s a few gorgeous examples:

Grogeous email popup using Gather
Gather banner popups

These are all examples of popup banners that were designed in an external design package like Photoshop and imported into Gather.

What Gather does is that it imports your design and overlays the email form on top of it. That’s it.

There’s a few things to take into account when designing your gorgeous popups, so let’s get started.

1. Design your Banner in Canva

If you’re a pro designer, this step is not necessarily for you. For everyone else, Canva is a tool that saves you time and allows you to create amazing looking designs easily.

This is because Canva comes with preset designs that you can simply modify and use.

Head to and signup if you don’t have an account.

At Canva, you can select from a number of preset designs. Locate the the Poster design and select that.

Select a design at Canva

When you have selected your design layout, you can now choose from a number of themes and styles.

Choose a style which allows for plenty of empty or ‘dead’ space at, roughly, the bottom 2/3rds of your design.

This is to allow enough room for the form fields and button to be superimposed on top of your design (on both desktop and mobile).

Now this is important part. Resize your design so that the height is less than 600px. In our example, I have chosen a height of 550px and a width of 350px.

It is important to have a height less than 600px to allow your banner to appear nice and centred on your website.

Play around with your design, move components around, change their sizes, until you are happy with them. When you are ready you can download your design through Canva.

Ok when you do that, be sure to select the .png download for a high quality image download.

2. Upload your Banner to Gather

Ok now that you have your gorgeous looking banner from Canva, head to your Gather account, in the Editor section.

Make sure that the image is less the 250kB in size.

Large images will take longer to load on a webpage, so you would want to make sure that your banner is small enough (in disk size) so that when it loads, it loads almost instantly.

Under Themes, select the Your Banner theme, then save.

Gather email popup Your Banner them

Now, head to the Box section, expand it. Under Customize Banner Image., you can upload your banner.

Click save when you select the banner file.

Uploading the banner image for Gather's email popup

Now that the file is uploaded, you can play around with form field colors and other elements to get everything in the form design matching the underlying design.

Gather Email Popup Image Designed in Canva

Now if your campaign is activated and you head to your site, you’ll eventually see your newly design popup (depending on the Rules and Triggers you have set for the popup).

When your attractively designed popup appears on your site, the idea is that it will attract more attention, especially if your brand is highly visual.

Remember when I mentioned above why it was important to leave the bottom 2/3rd, or so, of the space as empty of dead space? When you view the popup on a mobile screen, there will be less room available for the form fields to appear.

So they will be pushed upwards (from the bottom of the banner upwards). Having that space allows for responsive resizing, without hiding any text or important components of your design.

When a popup appears on a smaller screen, although Gather resizes it automatically to make it responsive, Gather is a little more conservative with the size of the form fields.

Keeping the fields a good size even on a small screen allows for customers to easily enter their email and other details even on a small screen.

You may have to play around with your Canva design to make sure that there is enough space available for mobile viewing of your popup. Or perhaps that there isn’t too much empty space. Reiterate once or twice till you get it right.

The Popup on a mobile phone

The Popup on a mobile phone

Remember, once you set up your popup design and email lead capture campaign once, it works for you automatically from then on.

So it’s worth investing a little effort upfront to get it right, and then you can sit back, relax and let Gather work for you growing your email list.

Hope you found this guide useful and hope it unlocked Gather’s potential to design highly visual, and amazing looking email popups; with Canva’s help.

As always, if you need help contact me on