How to Add a Customer Referral Link to your Shopify Store's Order Confirmation Receipts

In our lead referral setup guide, we talk about setting up touch points. Touch points are places where you ask you customers for referrals. One of those place is the email order conformation receipt that your customer receives when they make a purchase.

Our wonderful customers have asked us for advice on how to add a referral touch point in the email receipts Shopify sends to customers. So here's the how-to article!

First we are going add a nice friendly banner at the bottom of the email receipt to encourage our customers to refer their friends. I managed to easily build a banner by using the tool provided by our friends at Canva. If you don't have a Canva account, head there, and familiarise your self with how it works. Canva has ready made, professionally designed, banners you can use and edit. Of course you can also you use your favourite image editing tool.

For my banner, I chose to build a 600px by 200px landscape banner.

With you banner at hand, follow the following instructions. If you are a customer of Gather, and you encounter ,problems or something doesn't work as a result of the instructions below, don't hesitate to contact us on

All the best!