NEW FEATURE - Popup Session Timer


This is a mini announcement for a new feature we added to Gather!

By collaborating with one of our customers we learned that there is an additional indicator to a visitor's intent to exiting your site. This comes from simple statistical probability.

If you know how long, typically, a visitor spends on your site, before they exit the site, that is valuable information.

You can typically get this information from Google Analytics or similar analytics software.

Let us say a typical visitor spends 5 minutes on your site (which you would typically get from knowing the median website session).

Now if a visitor on your site approaches the 5 minute mark, statically they may be approaching the end of their visit on your site. Now if they are not in your cart pages, or if they have gone idol, you want to incentivize them with an offer or ask them to opt in to your list.


So that you do not loose them and deliver value to them, and have a direct channel to their inbox, to deliver value to them until they become ready to make the decision to purchase from you.

For that reason, we released the session based popup timer. 

Now you can define how many minutes before a visitor should browse your website, before they receive your promotional popup.

This timer is unlike the existing page timer, which tracks how long a visitor should stay on a single page before receiving the popup.

The session based timer tracks the time your visitor spends on your whole site.

To access this feature:

1. Head to your account area

2. Head to the Editor section

3. Under Show Modes, select "Show Popup after a customer spends a period of time on your whole website?", choose a time and save. 

Enjoy the new feature :)

Iz - Founder and Product Manager, Gather.