Mailchimp No Longer Integrating with Shopify. Whether you Choose to Keep it or Switch, Gather has you Covered!

You may have heard that Mailchimp will stop integrating directly with Shopify, on the 12th of May.

Don't worry, you can still use Mailchimp with Shopify!

Gather integrates directly with Mailchimp, so if you're keeping your account with Mailchimp, check out this article I wrote which shows you how Gather integrates directly with Mailchimp .

How to Sync your Shopify Customer Details with Mailchimp?

So now that Gather takes care of sending your email optins directly to Mailchimp, what about your newly acquired customers who buy from you on Shopify.

There are many options out there to sync customer details with Mailchimp:

If you Decide to Stop using Mailchimp

Whilst I often recommend it to many of our customers, there are many alternatives out there. I also recommend Klaviyo, for their deep Shopify integration. I wrote an article on how Gather integrates with Klaviyo here.

Your contacts acquired through Gather will always sync with any email marketing app you choose, as long as it also syncs with Shopify.

Shopify acts as the central hub, where Gather automatically sends optin details to Shopify, and then Shopify sends the optins to your chosen email marketing app.

Hope this helps!


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