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Stop Leaving as Much as 50% in Revenues on the Table.

I am reaching out to tell you exactly how I increased conversion rates for my Shopify clients and reduced their abandoned cart rates.

When I consulted with Shopify merchants, I noticed how a few simple changes to their shopping cart and checkout processes could boost overall store conversions by 1% or more.

If you have a 2% store conversion rate, this could turn to 3%. This boost from 2% to 3% conversion rates literally means you could be adding 50% extra in revenue!

Even an increase of 0.5% can yield 25% more in revenue. It is crazy how small changes in conversions result in huge changes in revenue.

Without optimising the cart and checkout process, you are basically leaving money on the table. This is how you can avoid it:

I have spent months putting together quick-win actionable tips, techniques and strategies on how to reduce cart abandonment.

This includes a single cart abandonment technique hardly anyone is using at the moment, which has a profound effect.

The best thing is that you can implement it right away in 2 - 5 minutes.

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Grab Your Spot. Only 100 Seats Available.

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Founder of Gather

Shopify Partner

What you Will Learn


What I found out working with top merchants about their abandoned carts

I have worked with many top Shopify ecommerce merchants, as a conversion rate optimization expert. I will share with you why improving their abandoned cart rates was the easiest way to improve conversions and boost sales.

The Huge Number of Cart Abandoning Customers that Merchants Could Never Recover, Until Now.

There’s always been a limit to what you could do to rescue abandoned carts. Until now! You can now go further with is game changing tactic.

Shopify Merchants who use this technique have a massive advantage over their competitors.

The best thing is that you can deploy this tactic in as little at 2-5 minutes!

The quick win strategies for reducing abandoned cart rates and boosting conversions.

I have an exhaustive list of strategies you can implement today to reduce your abandoned cart rate.

Clients have spent thousands of dollars on my consultations to learn how they can implement these strategies and tactics on their stores; and I will share them all with you for FREE.

BONUS: How to make sure your advertising and marketing efforts are really paying off; and what top merchants have in common when it comes to their business model.

Ever come across an ecommerce business that was growing rapidly, only to disappear off the radar?

To avoid this, you really need to understand what really makes ecommerce businesses profitable. I will share with you the single vital metric you need to keep in check to make sure you're growing sustainably.

Register for the Next Free Online Training

Grab Your Spot. Only 100 Seats Available.
Iz El-Bahnasy

Iz El-Bahnasy

About Iz El-Bahnasy

Iz El-Bahnasy is the founder of Gather, an ecommerce conversion automation app featured on the Shopify store multiple times.

Iz has worked with many top 1% Shopify & Shopify Plus ecommerce merchants on increasing their conversion rates and boosting sales.

This live webinar will be your chance to ask Iz all questions you have about abandoned carts, conversion rate optimization and ecommerce in general.