21 Quick Win Strategies for Increasing Conversion Rates on your Shopify Store

Here I am going to show you 15 quick win strategies for Increasing your Shopify Store conversion rates. You can implement these strategies today.

I have used those strategies on my client’s ecommerce sites and they have produced amazing results.

Here there are, click on the ink to jump to the strategy you are looking for:

  1. Add authority logos to the homepage

  2. Add customer reviews to your Shopify store

  3. Add trust logos by the Checkout button

  4. Add a cart abandonment exit overlay

  5. Add an email popup

  6. Show customers their recently viewed items

  7. Install cart abandonment email series

  8. Use a Messenger bot to reduce cart abandonment

  9. Add a confidence box to the cart page

  10. Add Q&A module to the product pages

  11. Add a best selling category

  12. Add a Deals category

  13. Add all the essential details to the about page

  14. Install a refer a friend program

  15. Add a related products section to the product pages

  16. Add a featured products section

  17. Add blog posts and link to specific products from the blog posts

  18. Rescue the cart with Facebook retargeting

  19. Rescue the cart with Google retargeting

  20. Get more of the same customer who bought from you

  21. Create a wish list

  22. Add a frequently bought together module

  23. Make sure your customers can filter through the products in the collection pages

  24. Add suggested products email

  25. Implement the scientific process

  1. Add authority Logos on the Homepage

Screenshot 2018-09-19 17.42.00.png

Authority logos are logos of well known media outlets or brands that are associated with your ecommerce store. You see them on many successful websites.

The use the persuasion principle of authority to aid with your credibly and trust with customers. One of the biggest reason why visitors do not convert to customer is lack of trust in your brand. Question like these go through your prospect’s head:

  • Will this be a scam?

  • How do I know this product works?

  • Do this store take car of packaging and handling, and do they do timely deliveries?

  • Who runs this store?

When you can put these worries at ease by showing customers that authoritative figures associate with you, that helps boost your conversion rates.

Here are a few questions to ask your self and actions to take if you can’t seem to think of authoritative logos you can to your Shopify store:

  • Were any of my products featured in a well known media outlets?

  • Were there any influential bloggers or blogs who have used my products?

  • What influential blogs or bloggers can I sent samples to?

  • Can I run specialist magazine ads on my products?

  • Can I start an engaging Reddit thread, where people can review the products?

    Be sure to obtain the permissions you need as and when you display other brand logo images on your site.

As another tip, make sure those logos appear above the homepage fold, so that it is one of the first things your visitors see when they land on your site.

2. Add Customer Reviews to your Shopify Store

If you’re like me and you shop online, the first or second thing your will do on a product page is look at the customer reviews section.

We, humans like to take shortcuts when we make purchase decisions. One of these shortcuts is looking to se what other humans are doing. If other shoppers think highly of a product, it must be good.

As an ecommerce merchant you can leverage that by giving you customers the information they want. Today it is so incredibly easy to add reviews to you site using one of many Shopify reviews apps out there.

The review app I use with my clients is Okendo.

I use it with my clients because it is affordable, very customisable and the team at Okendo do the set-up for you. One of my favourite customisations of Okendo with the ability to setup different product attributes for customers to rate products. For example, for a dress, your customers can rate it on size, fit, etc.


It is an established fact now that reviews aid with conversions. Everyone from Tripadvisor to Airbnb to Amazon to Uber all use reviews.

I have partnered with the team at Okendo to provide you with a huge discount on your first 3 months with Okendo.

Fill in this form if you interested.

3. Add trust logos by the Add to Cart Button


At the point where a customer is contemplating adding an item to the cart, it helps to remind them of your credibility by adding trust logos next to the Add to Cart button (or the Buy button).

Customers often would have already made decision about the product, where they just need to decide if they trust your store enough to buy.

As before, you are starting out and you don’t have many trust logos, simply adding a Shopify Secure icon (or any other payment provider you use), would help with trust.

Other logos you can add include things like:

  • Shipping speed related logos

  • Payment security

  • Encryption security

  • Money back guarantees

4. Add an Abandoned Cart Exit Intent Popup

I have analysed many ecommerce stores for conversion drop offs. The one thing consistently keeps coming up is cart abandonment.

Cart abandonment is an ecommerce headache, customers add items to their cart, some checkout. Then there is a huge drop off as and when customers make a purchase. The industry standard now is 70%. Yes that’s 70% of customers abandon the cart without making a purchase.

You can learn about how influential ecommerce stores tackle cart abandonment in this article.

An abandoned cart popup is a smart popup which only shows with an offer, if a customer adds an item to the cart, then shows signs of exiting the site before making a purchase.

Gather’s Shopify cart abandonment popup gives you that capability.

When showing a customer an offer in a popup, here’s a few options to take into account

  • You can ask them to opt in to receive their offer. Many of our customers report an email optin rates of well over 10% , which is much much higher than a typical email optin popup.

  • You can simply ping them with a message (without asking for an optin) saying something like: “Hey we have a special offer for you if you purchase today, take 15% off now.

  • With Gather for Shopify you can target a customer by the number items they have in the cart or by the monetary amount they have in the cart (e.g. if they have more than $100 in the cart, show them one popup, and if they have less than $100 in the cart show them another). Nifty hey?!