How do I Setup a Newsletter Referral Campaign with Gather?

1. Define your touch points

Give your customers the call to action to refer a friend. You can do so in various places:

- On every newsletter you send out
- On a newsletter dedicated to your referral campaign
- On an order confirmation page (after a customer makes a purchase)
- In receipts sent out to customers

Gather gives you the links you can paste in these touch points to direct your customer to the referral process. You would only need to set it up once. Everything else is automatically done for you after that.

To get the links, head to the Integrations section of your referral campaign in Gather.

You’ll see:

- A link to use if you know how to merge a customer’s name and email.
- A link for Mailchimp
- A generic link

If you use Mailchimp, all you have to do is just paste the Mailchimp link in your mailchimp newsletters. Mailchimp will then add your customers names and emails on the as merge tags. What this means is that when your customer clicks on a link, they don’t have to enter their name or email, because by that point Gather will already know it. This saves your customer one step and makes it much quicker for them to refer their friends.

If you don’t use Mailchimp and you know what merge tags you need in order to add  a customer’s email and name, use the link under  "This will have the same effect as what we mentioned above, i.e. it will save your customers having to put in their names and emails".

If you don’t have means to merge your customer’s name or email., go ahead and use the generic link. This will take your customer to a tiny form where they first add their name and email before they start the referral process.

Customer who refer friends are used to adding their details first anyhow. Its just that knowing their email before makes that much easier for them to refer their friends.

The links listed in the Integrations section

2.The referral popup

You can display the referral popup anywhere on your site.

We do recommend that you make it available after your customer has made a purchase. That means that the reward they get for making a referral is used for their next purchase. It also means that making a referral does not delay them making a purchase whilst they are on your site.

You can do so by using the targeting Rules in the Editor section of your account.

3.The branded banner & Logo

Under the Images section, you can upload a banner image. This banner image will be shown to your customer when they refer their customers. It helps motivate them and increases their trust in you.


Once you add the links to the touch points, design your popup, define which page it should be displayed, and activate the campaign, everything will be setup for your campaign to run itself.

Head to the Integrations section to activate your campaign, by clicking on Activate Campaign, and clicking on save changes.

5.How Automation works

When a customer clicks to refer their friends to your newsletter, they will have the ability to add friends by email, or through Facebook (depending what mode of referrals you allowed in the Preferences section).

When your customer’s friends receive invitation emails, they can one-click subscribe to your newsletter through the invitation emails.

Once that is done, Gather gives both your customer and their friends their reward (the unique discount codes) which they can use to make a purchase on your site. Gather does so though by sending your customers confirmation emails with the codes in them; and links to your site from the emails.

Gather also allows you to customise the invitation messages too (note this is a premium feature which requires addons).